when i was 17 yrs old i sprang my right ankle.nothing was broke and it healed but my foot would hurt but not very bad.months later i started getting tingles and numbness in my right leg and everytime it gets cold it would hurt and the pain would get worse.i am 24 years old now and i cant walk that long or stand without a narcotic pain medication liike loratab or percocet because my leg would start giving me sharp stabbing pains in my foot leg and knee and it makes me fall down on my knees then this other kind of pain will occur and it feels like someone is hitting me with all they strength with a hammer in my tibula area of my leg it is very painful.ive had xrays mri without dye and they were normal.and also when i have my menstrual periods my leg hurts even worse.what should i do and what could this be?