Hi there thanks in advance for answering About 2 months ago I started getting really bad chest pains which then went down my left arm now this was a mixture of stabbing pains etc and I went to hospital and got the heart monitoring checks xrays etc and all was fine. After numerous trips to doctors o was told to take omeprazole which I take anyways as I produce alot of acid and tended to throw up alot. Anyways the pain started transferring to all over My chest and back and some mild head pains and I was told on my sick line for work(not the actual doctor) that I had costochondritis... I have since then quit smoking I was generally 10-14 a day more if drinking and have been smoking since 16 and am now 26! Ever since that I've been gettingvreally pain all over mostly in the stomach chest and back and get tingles in my hands and sore head especially behind the eyes and have even had sore legs being the knees etc it's an ongoing issue and I don't know what's anxiety etc but I have passed black poos when I have drank so I've stopped drinking But the pain won't stop and it's making me panic as I don't know if it's the costochondritis Or me quitting smoking or something worse! Please help