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Okay so my gf an I had sex I wasn't sure if I ejaculated in her so within the hour we went to buy a Plan B, her period came a week early and heavy she told me then she was 3 weeks late she had her period but light bleeding and spotting then she had her period again the next month she said it was more of a regular flow but for the rest of the week she continued spotting and about week later so today she took a pregnancy test it came out positive could it that the pill messed up her hormones badly? 


Hi Guest,

She took the Plan B within the recommended time so it SHOULD have been effective.

No.  ECP's, such as Plan B, do NOT affect the hormones that the pregnancy tests look for.

Exactly when did you have sex?  When did she take the Plan B?  When did she expect her period.  It's kind of confusing in your post.