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I had a chest infection/bronchitis in October 2005. I had a course of Amoxycillin and a course of Erythramiacin and the infection healed.

Since this happened I have been short of breath (8 months now). I also initially had heart palpitations. The palpitations went away some months ago and the SOB has improved slightly.

I have had three chest x-rays which have all shown as clear. I have also been prescribed 2 bronchodilators, which had little effect (actually seems to make things a little worse so I stopped using them).

Now my SOB is not really bad but seems to have plateaued. I also have a sensation that something is in my throat, and have a little tenderness in the left side of my chest. I have no cough and whenever I do cough it is dry.

Anybody had anything similar?


As an update, I had a heart fitness test and echo scan on Wednesday this week which showed my heart to be fine.