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I am 82 years and reasonably fit. Non smoker. 5ft11 - 168 lbs.

I have some high blood pressure for which I take 10 mg daily lercanidipine. Other than that I like to think of myself as reasonably fit.
I play golf and I also try to briskly walk 2 miles about 5 times a week.

I had a severe cold and chest infection over Christmas which took about four weeks to clear up.

Recently when I have resumed my walking exercise I have found myself quite short of breath during the walk and have been taking up to half an hour to get my breathing back to normal.

Would you consier this to be the aftermath of the chest infection or something else in which case should I see my family doctor ?

In the normal course of events when I am not walking briskly then I have no problems.


halthy heart and lungs...just very short of breath while walking my dog must sit down ..Ruth