im 32 years old been smoking since was 14 but have given up many times on and off gave up for 4-5 years in my 20s but all up still smoked a good 14 years ive had breathing problems since i was 19 doctors always told me was anxiety so i accepted it have had lots of chest infection bronchitis etc lots of Bouts of sob. usually when i give up after a cpl days i feel good as im right into my fitness so i would just hit the gym and run alot , i recently gave up smoking 6 weeks ago and the sob was so intense i had to go hospital i couldnt breathe for weeks my doctor thinks i may have copd or emphysema i had chest x ray and spiromentry last year and passed both but interestingly enough i found out a year ago i am alpha 1 deficient which is a major cause of copd even with people that donT smoke my liver is also playing up probably due to the alpha 1 protein getting stuck in my liver, i am only a carrier so not full blown alpha 1 otherwise i would have never got away with smoking this long but either way my levels are low i have a 5 year old son who i have raised by myself since he was 18 months old i have full custody of him and if i die while hes young his life is going to be so hard without me i never knew about this alpha 1 stuff or i would have gave up smoking a long time ago its been 6 weeks now my breathing has gotten better but i still get bouts of sob and rapid heartbeat from just standing up i have to do a chest x ray again soon and spirometry  my doctor thinks even if i have copd i can live 20 years if managed properly and stay off smoking but i have also feel like doctors here no nothing about alpha 1 deficiency i probably know more than them so even if i dont smoke my lungs will destruct quicker due to lack of alpha 1 protein to counter another enzyme that destroys the lungs i think my days are numbered does anyone on here have anything smiliar or experienced what i am