I am 46 yo,and have contracted bronchitis twice in less than 12 month period. The most recent being April 2015, had post infection inflammation of the lungs, followed by a persistent cough & the occasional chest ache (not pain as such, just like a dull ache). A week ago I contacted a new cold, starting with a runny nose, head congestion, then developed the cough which is now a bubbly gurgling cough with very minimal mucus. I am on antibiotic & inhaler, have had various tests ie lung capacity test, ecg, stress test, mri on heart, chest xray & all have come back clear (except that I have arthritis in my spine but hey,that's a problem for later). I have just had a nose swab & blood tests so should get the results early next week. If they don't show anything then I don't know what to do. The lung capacity test showed I had less air post ventolin so I'm not asthmatic. What the he'll can be wrong with me. I'm normally very robust & it takes a lot to keep me still but I've been tired & very lethargic for the past 3 days. Starting to feel better now except for the persistent cough which is now gurgling/bubbly. is there anything else I should ask the doc to test? I'm sooo sick of being sick!