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For the past 2 months or so (that I have noticed) i have been getting my period 3-4 days late. Ex: I got my period on February 26 and did not get it again until March 30. My cycles used to be 30 days at the most and these show patterns of a 33-34 day cycles. I am 18 years old. 

I began spotting on April 16 and it lasted until April 18. It was a brown discharge that progressed in amount until it stopped when I woke up on April 19. I had unprotected sex (pull out method) on April 6, 13, and 18 (yes I know very stupid even though my boyfriend made sure to urinate before intercourse.) At that point, I began to stress.

I took a first response pregnancy test on April 24 (6 days before I had expected to get my period based on the fact that I got it on March 30 last.) I realized that it may have been to soon so I bought a box of two Accu-clear tests and tested one on Saturday the 28th (2 days before I expected to get my period.) Both of these tests were NEGATIVE.

However, I have not gotten my period. It is only technically a day late, but I have been having 33-34 day cycles so I hope to get it tomorrow or thursday.

I have also not had any nausea, breast tenderness, or any unusual symptoms. I have also not had any signs of my period coming but I am assuming it is due to the stress of my pregnancy scare and finishing school. 

Should I take another test on Friday if I do not get my period by then? Should i worry about being pregnant?


wait for next weekend. Give ur body time. If u want to be sure that ur pregnant or not. Take another test on Monday. I used ClearBlue pregnancy test and it came out positive and i was only 2 weeks pregnant. But that was in 2010. so try to clear blue pregnacy test see how that works or you. if not go to ur doctor or to a doctor usually first visit are free, and have a blood test done to be sure if ur pregnant or not. Should u be worried if ur pregnant. Depends on ur situation. If u and ur boyfriend or husband think you guys are ready for this then there isnt anything to worry about but if hes not ready and ur not ready than....dnt realli know the best way to say this but there are options. I hope the best for you and ur man. Hope u feel better hon.