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my boyfriend woke up around 5 a.m. with stomach pain (middle part of the stomach) started throwing up, & just felt icky..... When I got home from work at 3 p.m. he was still feeling yukky!! Took his temperature, was 95.5 (concerned) been throwing up all day.....sweating and clammy, but says he is freezing....called the dr., but due to it being the weekend and a holiday no one is in the reasons he won'r go to the E.R......NOT SURE WHAT TO DO!!!????? HELP PLEASE!!!!


Hi Worried,

Slow down.  Not everything needs the doctor - yet.

He hasn't been that sick for that long, that I'd be overly concerned if he is in overall good health.  It sounds like a virus, probably the "stomach flu" or even food poisoning.  Either way, let him rest, keep him comfortable, and keep him hydrated.  It's OK if he doesn't want to eat anything.  If he would, give him some soup and maybe dry crackers.  Ginger ale that has gone "flat" is good for the stomach.  No dairy!  It can aggravate his GI tract.

If he has any difficulty breathing or the stomach pain is severe, then take him to the ER.

95.5 is not a problem if he has been resting all day.  It's not a fever.