Ok Well My Girlfriend Texted Me Lastnight Saying She Felt Like Throwing Up But Couldn't. She Told Me She Put Her Finger Down Her Throat And Made Herself. This Morning, She Said She Threw Up on Her Bed lastnight and After She Woke up This Morning. She Has Been Feeling Like c**p All Day And She Says When She Stands Up, She Feels Really Crappy And She Gets Lightheaded. She Hasnt Been Able To Hold Anything Down Either And Shes Been Taking Ibuprofin For Her Cramps Cause She Started Her Period Yesterday. About 30 Mins Ago, She Threw up Again And She Said It Tasted Like Pills And A Bit Of White Foam Came Up. She Doesn't Have Diarrhea So Im Not Sure If It Could Be The Stomach Flu.If Not The Stomach Flu, What Else Could It Be? She Is 15 Yrs Old And Will Be 16 In November If That Helps. Any More Questions Feel Free To Ask. Thank You.