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My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year now. Towards the beginning of our relationship, we spent a lot of time doing things we both enjoyed. For the past 6 monthes or so, it seems as if all he does in his free time is frisbee golf. A typical day for him is something like this - Get up at 7 a.m., frisbee golf until he goes to work at 2 p.m. Get home at around midnight, asleep by about 1. Get up at about 7, and well, the cycle continues endlessly.

The only time we get to hang out together is on the weekends and he insists on frisbee golfing then, too. For monthes my weekend has been spent following him through a golf course or waiting in his car. Last week I suggested we try spending that weekend doing something other than frisbee golf, his response was a simple, "ok". When the weekend came, he insisted that we go to a course, saying it would only be an hour or two. It ended up being the entire day.

What should I do? I love my boyfriend, but I'm just so, SO sick of frisbee golf.


Well Im sorry :(( When he says like oh i really want to go play say somthing like oh maybe we could go to a movie and then go or somthing so it pleases everyone. Try just talking to him about it and try and find new hobbies. Hope this help :)