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My boyfriend claims he did 4 - 6 "lines" of cocaine Saturday night. As a result he was wired all night, and morning. I went to see him Sunday early am to make sure he was OK. Early pm, he finally appeared to have calmed down, and we sat down to watch tv. Suddenly he got really bad stomach cramps, he got up, turned white like a ghost and within moments started sweating like there's no tomorrow. He said it was the standard "cocaine withdrawal" ... and he would be ok after throwing up, peeing, #2, drinking alot of fluids and getting some sleep. He was behaving very strange and literally kicked me out of his house, as he did not want me to see him having a "bad trip."

I'm not drug savvy whatsoever, however as an corporate executive, I've seen clients/corporate partners enjoy this substance before (once in a while) - yet, they are all up and functioning at early meetings/events.

My boyfriend claims he has not touched cocaine in 6 years, and I know he does not abuse other drugs. I've never heard or seen anyone react like this to cocaine. Is he BS'ing me ... should I really believe his story?

I'm so confused. If he is lying about this, clearly him and I have problems!

Please help!


Sounds like he was on something more than cocaine. Also, cocaine makes you need to use the bathroom A LOT. He probably just needed privacy as he cleared out what was in his system.