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Could this be an early sign of pregnancy or am I just wishing too hard, lol? I have that feeling in the back of my throat like I need to throw-up, nothing is actually there and my stomach is not upset, it's just the feeling.


Yup, nausea and feeling like you need to vomit but not quite making it there is a classic early pregnancy sign

When I was dealing with this, I would sometimes actually get so desperate that I'd eat foods that weren't appealing to me just to get to the stage of throwing up so I could feel better. Coca cola was another thing that really helped me fight that early pregnancy nausea, though many people recommend candied or fresh ginger, perhaps in combination with lemon. That would be healthier, but Coca cola was the only thing that really helped me. 

That's not to say you are definitely pregnant of course. You have to wait until your period is due, if you have not already missed a period, and take a test, to know that for sure.