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Hello everyone! I am hoping there are some people who have passed similar journeys to ours. My husband is expecting a live kidney transplant, hopefully soon. This is a huge project that has many consequences and of course we are hoping the transplant will ultimately safe his life, but the process is not without risks. I am looking into the side effects of the drug myfortic for kidney transplants. If you, or any of your loved ones, have used myfortic, I call on you to come forward with more information about the side effects. Thank you so much!


Has your husband got his kidney transplant yet? I have had 2 kidney transplants in my life time so far (because the first one rejected after 11 years). I have not however been on myfortic but instead take cellcept. However I do know that it is an immunosuppressent necessary to lower the immune system so that it doesn't fight off the new kidney as a foreign object.

You can read about Myfortic here: