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Two days ago I had sex and the condom broke. I figured nothing of it because I have been on the pill for two years and am good about taking it. It was also two days before my period and I usually have a very regular cycle of 28-30 days. I always get pains around days 12-15 so I know that's when I ovulate. I just realized I missed one of my light blue pills all together about 12 days ago. Am I at risk? Should I get Plan B? Or am I okay because it was only one pill and I'm on my period?


Hi Swimmer,

You're on your period so it is unlikely you are pregnant.  Does it appear "normal?"

Usually if you miss a pill you're told to take it when you remember.  Sometimes that means 2 in one day.  It depends upon your specific medicine.
It's too late for Plan B, that's usually only recommended up to 3 days.

I don't think you need to worry.