My wife's suffered from it as well. It lasted nearly a month. In her case, it was Tylenol that does it. SHe would get sick like every evening around 5 or 6pm. She suffered from neck pain, cough, throat pain and fever at night. The doctor told her to take Tylenol before the time she would get sick. But we had Aleve at home so we just took two Aleve but doesn't really helps. So I found this online and found out that "Acetaminophen" is the best at treating this type of virus, which is what Tylenol contains. So hope this helps. Another this is get non-drowsy Allergy pills for cough. Take lots of water. Eat before you take your antibiotics. Depending on where you live, any over counter pill that has "Acetaminophen" in her case Tylenol will do. Take one before the time when fever comes back. If you usually get sick around 4 or 5 pm take one around 3pm. Eat something before you take the pill. And make sure you are not allergic to it or anything like that. The best thing is to ask your doctor first.

Non-Disclosure: This is to share my experience which maybe different from you. Use caution when taking medicine.

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