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Had an anterior/posterior spinal fusion on L5/S1 area on 2/26/07.
Surgery went well although did experience some swelling in back incision and spasms. I am still on pain medication and have recently started physical therapy....Here is my question. My husband and I have had sex twice since the surgery. First time was on 2 weeks post. My problem is that I am not achieving orgasm and with the front incision my stomach area is numb along the healing ridge as it is called. I am sure part is because pain medication have tried several positition and find that if I am on top I have pain in lower abdomine region. My Dr told me that as soon as I felt good enough our sex life could resume with a few exception (ie positions and how i generally felt).
Would like to know when this my change numbness at least I am turned on just dont achieve very fustrating. If anyone has any help or experience with this please let me know.

Thank you


I had an anterior/posterior fusion in 2004. If you're on Vicodin this is probably your problem. I switched to Darvocet the day after coming home from the hospital. This was not recommended but my pain tolerance is extremely high so I did fine. If you want to heal faster walk. I mean walk as much as you can. It's amazing how quickly you'll heal.

Massaging of your back and tummy area also helps with scar tissue and the numbness you're feeling. This should be part of your physical therapy.

Although I'm not pain free (my fault), I am much better than I was before surgery and living a relatively normal life including my sex life. I wrote an article for Spine Universe that was published and would be happy to give you a copy. It might help in the long term.