I have had this "butt" pain as I call it, off and on for 5 plus years. It usually happens at night when I am sleeping. I wake up with excruciating pain deep in my rectum, and the ball of my tail bone. It almost reminds me of labor pains. This happen last night, I woke up in so much pain, I fell on the way to the bathroom. As I was sitting on the toilet trying to have a bowel movement to hopefully relieve some pressure, I was crying out feeling so much pain, I passed out falling forward landing in the bathroom floor. I hit my head and have a huge knot on my forehead. After all that the pain was gone. I have gone to the doctor for this issue in the past. Nothing has ever been resolved. I just had an MRI for my back and leg pain. They found some narrowing of the spine, degenerstion and nerve compression. I am scheduled to see a neurologist for my neuropathy in my legs. Could this "butt" pain be from the nerve issues?