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I am a 65 yr old female with back pain for years. Have had x ray and ct's, but what damage there is, is not where it hurts. Pain is to right of spine most always and sometimes on the left about 1/2 way between tail bone and waist. Sometime pain (or feeling) goes to right knee on top of thigh. Is worse after stepping into a depression, driving over bump, sleeping on stomach, bending over, esp. lifting, physical activities like golf, (putting) bike riding, swimming, walking or standing for any length of time. Sleeping is a challange as I wake up and turn over only to wake up again and again and again. I do have some osteoperosis, slight scoliosis. I hurt worse in the am. One doctor wanted to give me a shot in the area where all the nerves come into the spine from the leg with out any xray to guide him! Have tried physical therapy and now (another)doctor wants to send me to pain management (which means shots, and meds which I want to avoid.) I wear a saunders girdle which helps. Any suggestions for things that I could do to help?


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Have u ever tried seeing an Osteopath?

I have back pain in the lower part of my back.

In not very tall. 5ft.

The Osteo says the pain is because im small, i get compression pains. At the beginning i went to the Osteo s weekly. But now i go once every 2 months for it to be minipulated.

Its always worst in the winter. An thats sometime because we hold our selves stiff to keep warm.

Stress is another factor (you mention depression) its the same, you tense up causing pain. All your muscles an joints lock up.

I wake up sometimes in the night an my back hurts alot. I need to turn over but it hurts. I find curling up into a ball helps to stretch out the muscles.

My osteo has told me never to do jolting exercises EG running, Jogging.
I cant do sit up too that would make it worse.
The osteo will give you exercises to do.

Also sometimes back pain is causes by weak tummy muscles.
If you ask an osteo for exercise that would suit you an inproved tummy muscles it may help.