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I am a 24 year old healthy woman. I eat a very healthy, well-balanced diet and I used to work out most days. At the beginning of January I started working nights at my job. It was very hard to adjust to the time schedule, and some of the work was outside in the cold. At the end of January I was outside at night in really cold temperatures, turned to grab the handrail while walking up the stairs, and felt a little yank in my mid back (T6 area). It kind of hurt, but nothing extreme, so I just kept on going on with what I was doing. The next morning I woke and my back was very sore. I tried stretching it and went to work, only to discover it was not something ok—it REALLY hurt. I went to see an occupational health doctor a few days later, who said it must be a muscle pull and I needed physical therapy. So I went to physical therapy three times a week, used heat packs all day, plus IB proufen throughout the day to try to stay active. I got an MRI and x-rays, which all came back fine. It is important to note that I experienced a change in my bowel movements during this time. Some days I would be fine, some days I would have spastic diarrhea (and I apologize for the vivid description). It would be multiple times a day. I thought this was probably related to all the soda I was drinking, gum I was chewing, etc to try to stay awake during the nights I was working, so I just thought it would go away. However, I can’t be certain if this came up after or before the injury that night (I think it may have been before…). On my days off I actually looked forward to working out every day (elliptical/walking—not running) because this released all the muscle pain in my neck/shoulders. I would come home and ice, then get a hot shower, which felt great. Some days it would be better, some days it would hurt really bad. This went on for over month, so I finally decided to see a spine specialist. The day I saw a spine specialist was the day everything else started. The PA examined me by having me bend over and tapping my spine up and down with a rubber mallet. The doctor said I needed a bone scan. I left disappointed with no answers and confused.
That night and the next day I had a lot of pain in my upper back and ribs. I saw my physical therapist who tried to do some work. Nothing helped. I had to get on a flight that afternoon, and during the flight I felt my entire upper body was on fire. I was nauseated and had a severe pain in my ribs and my upper back felt like it was two hundred degrees. After emergency trip visit for liquids (to cure dehydration) and morphine (to kill the pain) I woke up the next day in a new state, unable to return home, with a whole new slew that have been developing ever since.
I started seeing a chiropractor the next day, who took an xray of my spine and could see the rib was mis-aligned at the T-6. He helped realign it over the next few days which greatly decreased the rib pain, but not the back pain. I was constipated for 3 days (from the medication from the hospital) and finally started having normal bowel movements. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for over two weeks now and experienced a myarid of symptoms that will come and go with severity each day:

-Extremely cold hands and feet--always much colder than anyone else
-Right Foot-middle of foot, middle arch—very sore—only help is wearing tennis shoes with arch supports
-Right neck very sore—from where chin meet throat, all the way to the collar bone (Arching out)
-Right ribs very sore, especially on edges, with muscle soreness radiating to arch below sternum and left ribs
-Back pain-starting at the T-6 (like a pinching), with burning/tender muscles around it, all the way up the spine to the neck
-Very sore muscles around the collar bone
-Occasional fever/sweating--after I ice my back, my body takes forever to get warm, and my body, especially my feet and hands, are freezing; then after I finally warm up (usually after moving a bunch or sleeping) I wake up incredibly hot!
-Horribly sore/stuff left shoulder, left arm muscle sore (back of arm from shoulder to elbow), numbness in left two fingers/lower arm
**NEW TODAY: Numbness tingling down left leg and left foot

The only time I can get relief of any of these symptoms is with icing my back/upper neck. My ribs had been feeling continually better until two days ago—all the sudden I felt exactly like I did when I got off the plane: burning ribs, back, nausea. This was also accompanied by an extreme upset in my bowels. I’m not sure what’s causing what, but obviously they are related. I saw my chiropractor the next day, who said my ribs had become misaligned with my spine again. I have no idea why this is happening. The only thing that provides me relief if icing, but I can’t lie on an ice pack all day. I have doctor’s appointment with a back doctor scheduled for 2.5 weeks away. But I need some answers before then, and this is why I’m writing this—if someone, anyone, could help me find some answers. I don’t know where to turn to determine what in the world is causing all this. I'm going to updating this evey day, so heopfully something will come to light.


I have  been having the same problems for the last 5 months. 2 trips to ER & numberous Drs visits with no answers. I was wondering if you ever got any answers? If so, I would love to here from you.



Dear unexplained2412,

Since you are having symptoms and signs all over your body: you have a systemic disease process. The type of disease is autoimmune in nature so it is, basically, a blood vessel disease, but since blood vessels, especially capillaries, spread all over, microscopically, throughout body tissues and organs, it becomes a systemic, variable, disease process. Since "sensory nerves" are very "sensitive" by their very nature, you sense painful neuropathy most symptomatically and other symptoms of various organs in a less nasty way. Now, compression of the brachial plexus (look in an anatomy book or internet site) is causing most of your shoulder, neck, hand, upper back, upper chest symptoms. Compression of the sacral plexus is causing various low back, buttock and leg neurological problems. Compression of the feet while walking/standing is causing plantar fasciitis and the peristalsis of the gut, including the colon, creates enough compression and abrasion of those tissues to make them function abnormally. The anatomical structures that create all the problems are the capillary inflammation in the neurological, gastrointestinal, and connective tissues. The cause of the vasculitic problem is autoimmune in nature and the autoimmunity is caused by sub-clinical rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever is usually thought to be a rare high-grade disease, only, but older docs knew it could be sub-acute and last weeks to months or less than subacute and last months and years. Vascular constriction of distal arterioles are common and therefore people develop cold hands and feet. People can have connective tissue pain and even arthritis development. People can develop neurological pain in various classic places. People often develop gastrointestinal problems with abnormal bowel movements and constipation. Often it is diagnosed as "irritable bowel syndrome" while the nerve pain is diagnosed to be caused by herniated spinal discs and the foot pain is thought to simply be caused by plantar fasciitis. Well, they are all common problems, but they are all really caused by one, variable, waxing and waning autoimmune disease caused by infections by a common microorganism: streptrococci. Sore throats, sinus infections and mild drainage, bronchitis, periodontal disease, vaginitis, ear infections, tonsillitis, certain flu-like diseases, all of which, a person may experience during their "lifetime" all contribute to the autoimmune state.

Treatment: well, get penicillin and take it regularly: one 500 mg Pen VK four times a day for two weeks and then one two times a day for six months. All medical book indicate that prophylactic treatment is needed for rheumatic fever by using penicillin: look it up. The problem is that most modern docs do not know much about it. It, rheumatic fever has been experiencing a resurgence since 1987 when it was first noticed in Salt Lake City (look up "resurgence of rheumatic fever". Also, you should use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. One coated 325 mg aspirin two times a day, one 220 mg Aleve two times a day, one ranitadine (zantac)150 mg, one time a day, and one 25 mg indocin ( a prescription for arthritis and neuropathy) one two times a day. All these are low doses and so, together, I think they have more therapeutic affect. Other meds are simvastatin: usually used to lower cholesterol, but the statin drugs are anti-inflammatory also. 20 mg. one time a day. You are experiencing a systemic autoimmune disease process so it needs to be treated as a disease and not as a "physical problem" like a herniated disc. If you want some fast relief have your doc provide you with an injection IM (intromuscular) of 80 mg. of triamcinolone (brandname Kenalog) and you will have relief in 6 hrs progressing for a week. It will not be permanent, but if you add the treatment I mentioned, above, your symptoms will be held in abeyance longer. If the antibiotic is used and subtle infections are defeated and prevented your autoimmune condition will subside over a long period: like two years and longer. Eventually, your immune system will lose some of its sensitivity to the microorganism, but I think people have to be on penicillin for life: 500mg one two times a day: and it does not create problems although some people entertain the dogma that antibiotics do cause problems when used chronically. A great amount of testing was done during WW II and afterwards in the military where rheumatic fever was relatively common. Look up my handle: Norsk10 to read more.




I so feel for you I to have this problem and after being shuffled from one doctor to next and after 2 years of pain management shots that didn't help physical therapy that only made things worse and massage that felt great while I was there but the pain was back within a hour I was finally seen by a neurologist and was diagnosed poly progressive neurophy I now have severe migraines burning tingling freezing feet hands numb and its climbing up fronts of legs the stomach is also involved I have diarrhea or vomiting constantly lost 40 pounds in less than six months I have just been referred to a rheumatologist who is discovering I have several autoimmune disorders to boot my point to all this still is I have severe pain sleepless nights doctors can't get me out of their office fast enough save yourself time go to neurologist straight off the bat before your hooked on pain meds and spend massive amounts of money on people who don't have time to listen or care because they have a lot more people waiting in lobby that's a quick fix for them


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