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I have has back fusion in 2008 for a broken L5 in 2 places.  In 2002 I had neck fusion but that recovery was only months and i was off drugs.  Now 4 years later from back fusion i am still in constant pain and are taking  methadone 4 times 10mg and 3 percs 3 times 10 mg each day. Ambien and Temazapam every night to sleep.  With all this I'm am stilled considered and active person and fit on the outside.

I want to wean off to 2 perc and just the ambien before i look at possible detox and the" new theories on pain reduction" idea.  I have had over 40 shots into my back with varies cocktail since fusion and none have worked.  I'm  down at the end of the rope with my family.  Since I don't have an extra 45k-70k for Betty ford and other high cost pain management, I want to try on my own first.  I need help on the order of what to lose first and how many pill can i drop and still be semi ok to function.

What about Suboxin and Buprenorphine????

My plan is to drop the percocets the first week then move on the getting down to 2 percocet over the next 3-4 weeks and then move into the sleeping aids  How long should it take for each percocet, ambien, Temazpam?

I have tried yoga that helped a little and now started Pilates last month and are going great.  Not sure about acupuncture or mediation.  What are the alternative mental aspect from someone who has gone though these program for serious injures.

I live in San Fernando Valley and open to all suggestions.  This has to be the year to get off drug and out of pain. 

I don't know how much longer i will be able to him up this charade.

Please help me with your past experiences, suggestions and ideas to help me go on.





hi renbe

i have a friend in washington dc who had sensory neuropathy and radiculopathy for 16years here is an extract from his blog

"My name is Robert Root and I started using ***** supplement on  4/25/12, within 5 days the results I experienced were shocking to say the least. After 16 years of pain from sensory neuropathy and radiculopathy I am experiencing less pain and better coordination so rapidly it makes me gasp with joy. I sleep better, have less stinging sensations, the numbness fading in my toes, and my muscles stiff and aching anymore. If you live with chronic pain I urge you to look at ***** supplement as a viable alternative to dangerous and often addictive prescription medicine.The doctors told me there was no treatment for neuropathy, the neurotin medication called Gabapentin barely took the edge off of the pain for about 6 weeks than quit working altogether."

as for myself, when i was very young,i had had gone fishing with my dad and had a fishing accident landing on my spine, which resulted in sciatic pain, i had upteen xrays of my spine and saw so many doctors, who all told me ,"i need spinal surgery", which i was scared to proceed which could also lead to paralysis waist down 

even though i was very sceptic about this supplement and i couldnt buy the supplement where i live as i live in malaysia i started taking it and found relief its been months since i had the chronic pain

the person who suggested i try this product. i know his wife (pamela) had problem with her hip and knee, with very severe chronic pain and was supposed to have surgery to get it fixed, with this supplement, it has changed her life completely here is part of her email to me

" I have joined a military special ops work out gym. Friday we did 500 squats. (No weight) They got pretty shallow in the second half, but I still did it! If you remember I have been diagnosed with 2 arthritis' and told I needed a knee and hip replacement. I have an xray that shows my knee bone on bone. I'm even doing lunges for the first time in 15 years, literally."

its not a medication, its not a pain killer medication which will give you temporarily relief. its a supplement which starts repairing on a celluar level and it works,, trust me it works,,and it works fast


i know i am not allowed to post email addresses or telephone numbers or product names on this site

look me up on facebook....we could talk in detail


warm regards

caesar desouza malaysia,,,