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I have been on birth control for about a year now and I have never missed a pill and take it within the time frame. Not at exactly the same time but within a few hours.
This month I had my 7 day break and my period came as normal about 3 days after and lasted for 4-5 days. It seemed very normal but then 2 days later I had some red coloured discharge when I wiped which only lasted a few hours.
I am really concerned whether this means I could be pregnant?!

Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks


Actually it is more likely that you have breakthrough bleeding! Which is VERY common on Combination Pills! IF this happens again - without your period! then you need to talk to your doctor about perhaps having your pill changed! Don't worry! When taking the pill you are 98 - 99% effective! And you got your period that was regular! Hope this helps!