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Is it normal to spot a week before your period? Or should I get checked?

Hey guys, here's an overview of my weird period the last few months. My periods usually come on the 15th of every month.

Dec 18th - I believe I spotted starting the 15th or so, and it finally came on the 18th
Jan 15th - It came right on time, no problems there
Feb 4th - Stomach flu like symptoms, throwing up ever 5 minutes and a 102 fever. Out for about two days.
Feb 15th - no period. It skipped this month.
Mar 12th - I noticed a string of blood when I wiped, and later in the day a tiny red dot in my discharge.
Mar 13th - woke up with a few spots of blood in my panties, so I went to put a thin pad
By nighttime when I changed it tthere was only one spot
Mar 14th - A light brown discharge, covered about 1/3 to half of an ultra thin pantiliner. I usually get these at the very end of my period.
Mar 15th - so far (just woke up) nothing.

What is with this? The only sexual contact I've had was on Feb 13th when my boyfriend rubbed me over my panties (clit and vagina opening). He said he masturbated the night before but he washed his hands. Even if he didn't wash his hands it's pretty much impossible right? I don't think he even touched his penis when he was with me, although maybe once over his boxers to "put it away". On Jan 3rd or so we also did the same thing, but he touched his penis more over his boxers, but I got my period. Unless I could have gotten a full period after that, what's wrong?

Should I be worried at all? About pregnancy or about my cycle? Is it normal to spot 3-5 days before your period?


I think it's fine