I've been on Loestrin 24 for about 4 months now and haven't had a single "normal" cycle yet. In January, I was spotting either really faint brown or pink, and it only last for about 3 days each. I had this happen on the 13th-15th, 18th, 27-28th, and again on the 31st. I am not convinced this is my actual period, but it could be breakthrough bleeding I guess. My fiance and I DTD on Jan 7th, 9th, and 23rd, and then on the 4th and 5th of Feb. I had spotting again on the 7th of this month but it only lasted for an hour and was accompanied by what appeared to be EWCM.
I've had a lot of symptoms, especially nausea/vomiting, headaches, and lose of appetite. This morning I got two BFN but I still feel like I could be pregnant. Are these usual side effects of Loestrin? I suspect I might be 4 wks, maybe, is it possible to have strong symptoms and feel pregnant yet still get a BFN? I've heard of women who were getting negatives up until they were 8 wks but I don't know if they had strong symptoms.
Fiance and I are going to our doctor next week but we would like some advice until then.