Hi, I am currently CD10 and had spotting yesterday, almost blood-tinged discharge. Today it has just been very little brown spotting. I have a history of PCOS. I recently lost a pregnancy at 18 weeks in December, and since then my cycles have had spotting 5-7 days after my period ends. In the past, my cycles were very long 42-45 days but my last few cycles since my loss have been 26-30 days.  This cycle, I did take Clomid days 5-9. I had hormone testing done on Day 3 this cycle (FSH 4.1; LH 3.8; TSH 1.96; AMH 4.8; Estradiol 18; Testosterone 8.4; Free testosterone 0.13; Progesterone <0.4; Prolactin 18.9). My doctor didnt seem concerned about the spotting when I saw her last week; could it just be related to PCOS or is it related to my loss or Clomid? Or should I talk to my doctor again?