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Hi! I am 25 years old and about a year a half ago I went off the pill because I was lightly spotting every day no matter which one I tried. For the last year my cycle has been between 4-5 weeks apart that starts with 10-13 days of dark red spotting and then 2-3 days of heavy bright red bleeding with bad cramps and then another 7-8 days of dark red spotting. My doctor said I have "a mild case of PCOS" and my cervix lining is abnormally thickened in one area. I am assumming the two problems are related to a hormonal imbalance but my husband and I are ttc so I can't go on the pill to regulate. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it even possible for me to get pregnant with my cylcle being like this? Help! :-(


Hi Guest!

I had similar problems with persistent spotting. I wasn't diagnose with PCOS, but I do have a hormone imbalance. My husband and I are TTC, so my doctor prescribed me clomid and progesterone to help regulate my hormones. Don't get discourage! Just keep that dialogue going with your doctor so you can come up with a game plan.


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