If your spouse has a demanding and stressful job, the last thing they need from you is nagging and more demands. What they need is support, emotions and a person to talk to.

It is known that stress has a very big influence on blood pressure. One year study showed that people, who had demanding jobs and someone to talk to at home, experienced blood pressure fall. On the other hand, demanding job with no one to turn to led to blood pressure rise.
In the study 216 men and women were monitored. People from the first group (stressful job and supportive spouse) showed a decrease in their hypertension of 2.5 mm Hg in systolic blood pressure while those from another (lack of support) group were associated with an increase of 2.8 mm Hg.
The conclusion is simple. If you want a healthy and strong spouse and living environment, there is only one thing you can do-be loving and supportive.