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Hi I wonder if I could have some advice please.

A year and a half ago, unknown to me, I had an abdominal cyst, which grew to the size of a rugby ball. I had this removed by emergency operation.

At the time I was in a job which was extremely stressful and believe the stress levels I was experiencing could have contributed to the cysts growing at such an alarming rate. The reason I think this may be the case is that as soon as the cyst was removed, another one began growing, again at an alarming rate. My surgeon said that this was the starngest thing he had seen as there was no reason for a cyst to grow, but even less reason for it to grow at such an alarming rate.

However, since I left my job and began a much less stressed life, the cyst has remained exactly the same size, it hasn't grown at all. I therefore believe that the only possible explanation for this is the stress. It was a huge amount of stress.

I am glad to say that I am being monitored carefully now and the cyst has remained exactly the same size as it was once I began a more stress free life.

Thank you for your help


I also began getting cysts a few years ago. It started with a full time job I had 4 years ago, it was a production job (computer operator of mailing database company) and one of the first jobs I've gotten after over a year of unemployment so I reluctantly took it. After a month or so, I started getting a lump on my upper arm. It grew to the shape of a mouseball (or a sphere w/the diameter of a nickel). I quit the job the next month and the tumor on my arm was still there. I had it surgically removed (was told it was a calcium deposit) several months later.

I then started a new job 2 yrs later and had a stressful project (working many late nights, running around to meet lots of demands) and a cyst began growing on my upper ribcage (to the size of a dime). The project ended and months later the lump got smaller in size (to a small pebble, but still present).

Last summer, I got a cyst on my chin (started out a pimple) during another one of those large projects requiring much overtime. I had it removed (was the size of a bb or peppercorn).

Lately I've been stressed over finding an apartment and the tumor on my ribcage is growing again.

I have no doubt my cysts are stress induced. I obviously can't quit my job every time projects get stressful, I have to find a way how to handle the stress better or I will have a body full of surgical scars of cyst/lump removals in 10 years.

If anyone knows how to prevent these stress-induced cyst growths, or any medication/therapy/exercises/alternative healing/medicine to help/prevent these horrible growths I'm all ears.


I don't know if you'll be able to see this reply after so much time has elapsed since posting. Just found this page August 2017.

But I do hope things are getting better for you. Sending you all positive energies.
Have you tried mindfulness apps like Headspace or similar on CDs/audio for even just 10 minutes a day?

Helped me to reduce some stress, and like you had experience that cysts, endometriosis really flared up during especially high stress.
Look after yourself!