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Drink lots of water with honey, ripe bananas also help with BM. Urgency to go is normal, but don't go unless you feel it's absolutely necessary. try not to rely on pain killers. Don't walk or sit or stand for too long. Take one week off if possible. Soaking bottom in warm water help but try not to do it more than 5 mins at a time. Use shower head to clean your bottom is better... Lay side way on your left. Kept your wound dry... Good luck! I'm 2 weeks postop and doing much better.


Thank you for your recommendations on hemorrhoid surgery and its recovery.  I have to say, I never thought that staples would be used for this type of surgery.  It seems that this would be much more painful then using dissolving stitches.  Would you know why staples would be used instead of something that would dissolve on its own?  Would you have rather had them?  It is a good idea for people to take as much time off of work as they can because some people will need a month to recuperate.  Straining on the toilet is discouraged after having this surgery.  If you can go longer times between using the bathroom, do it.  As far as pain meds, you should go ahead and take tylenol or ibuprofen to help keep the pain level tolerable.