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I'm 32 male circumcised. I get burning sensation on the outside of my penis the day after masturbation sometimes few hours after. I do not have any pain or problem urinating. This only happen when I masturbate within or less than a week period. If the previous time I masturbate is more than a week then the problem is milder. I didn’t had this problem before, so I’m thinking that I’ve caused this to my self because I had excessive masturbation a while back. And as far as I can remember this problem started after that time. Is this problem permanent or can it be cured with lengthy period of no masturbation or some kind of cream? Can it cause other skin problem or other sexual problems? By the way I’m still a male virgin so will I have a problem with my future wife during or after real sex? I’m very shy to go to a doctor and usually I just endure the pain fearing of using the wrong cream. Some times I use a calming or rash creams and that helps. Please suggest a good cream if necessary.
Thank you very much


i have kind of the same problem but its when i pull back my foreskin i get a quick burning sensation and i have noticed that the skin on the under side of the foreskin at the tip has a faint rash type thing but it does not hurt when i urinate.

Can anyone help by telling me whats wrong and how to cure it