13 yr. old girl has stomach/side pains starting almost 2 yrs. ago. At 1st, only occasionally. Last school year episodes increased happening more & more often. Sometimes she runs a high 102* fever or just a low grade fever, sometimes nausea, sometimes just the pain. It was around her belly button & both sides; now it is mostly her side.
She has had 2 ultrasounds of her stomach area with nothing showing up except the fact that she has 2 spleens (possible problem?). She has had mutiple blood & urine work done.
A pediatric gastroenterologist says she just has a sensitive stomach & will have to learn to live with it which is not acceptable; she put her on Nexium 30 mg & Levsinex .375 mg. We also give her Mylanta almost daily & benefiber a couple times a week. We have to give her Darvocet for pain when Tylenol doesn't help.
Her pain levels keep her from school too often to just be a sensitive stomach.
I asked about Meckel's Diverticulum but was told it couldn't be that since there's no bleeding; an acquaintance's 10 yr. old just had surgery for Meckel's & he had no bleeding.
I am gettig desperate as her pediatrician doesn't know which direction to take from here.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!