Recent study found that some minor leg injuries may increase risk of blood clots in the legs. These injuries can be simple as ankle sprains or muscle ruptures. Before this research it was already determined that major injuries can increase risk for venous thrombosis which includes blood clots in the leg and pulmonary embolism. Some other risks factors for this serious condition are surgery, hospitalization and extended bed rest.

During the study, doctors examined patients who developed venous thrombosis who completed questionnaire about all kinds of injuries, surgical procedures or any other implications that could lead to blood clots. They also wrote their height, weight, family disease history and participation in some sports. After research they compared their results with patients who didn’t suffer from venous thrombosis. Results showed that minor injuries that didn’t required surgery were related to greater risk for venous thrombosis as well as a plaster cast and extended bed rest.

Study also found that injuries in leg were related to thrombosis while injuries in other locations were not related to thrombosis. This link was strongest in injuries that occurred month before venous thrombosis.

Results of the study suggest that patients should contact general practioner first when minor injuries occur because they are at great risk of developing venous thrombosis.