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I am currently on Zyban for my depressive disorder - it helped a lot, together with help it gave me in finally giving up smoking, but now my insurance company informed me that they no longer will cover Zyban, only Bupropion as Wellbutrin. I don’t want to switch to different anti depressant, so I guess I’ll have to go with Wellbutrin from now on, even though it has higher co-pay than Zyban.

What I’d like to know, though, is, if anyone also had made the switch from Zyban to  Bupropion oe Wellbutrin, is there any differences I can expect?



I'm in the exactly the same situation as you are - I had to make a switch from Zyban to Wellbutrin. They are both bupropion, and even though it's years away, once it becomes generic, all that will matter in the end is that you manage to get the same dose of bupropion at the lowest cost possible.

I'm saying this because I felt absolutely no difference, even though they're made by different manufacturers - my depression seems to be getting better, even though it's still early to say since I've been on both Zyban and Wellbutrin for only 3 months.