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Hi. For the past 4 days my clitoris has been red and swollen, painful to the touch. I recently discovered a small blister on it, so I assume that's the cause of the pain. But I've had a vaginal blister before and it went away after 3 days without problems. This one has persisted and has not been getting better. I examined myself a little bit more and I saw maybe 2 or 3 small bumps along my labia minora. They don't look like herpes-- they look like common blisters with no harsh border. I'm a virgin, so it's not an STI. It hurts when my clothes rub against it as I walk around and it itches sometimes throughout the day. The only way I get it to feel better is to sit with my legs wide open or put and ice pack on it. I don't know what it is.. help?


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I think you could put some cortisone 10 on it to relieve the soreness. If you do that before going to bed so it doesn't get rubbed off by your clothing it will probably be much better in the morning.