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So I'm a little freaked out.

About 5-6 days ago my vagina had started to get very itchy, swollen and sore however, there was no discharge. I did feel two lumps right on the edge of both of my labia minora and I saw my doctor. He swabbed me for testing, but just prescribed me antihistamines and gave me an ointment for allergy affected skin.

2 days later, most of the pain and itch has subsided but there are more lumps. At least 5 more have come up on the edge of my labia minora, one between the area of my vagina and anus and I noticed one of my bartholin glands had a lump on it. After closer inspection, it's 3 small blisters in a cluster.

Nothing really hurts, unless I touch it and I don't have any other symptoms. I'm scared that it could be herpes. Anyone have any thoughts or similar instances?


sounds like herpes to me ,did you find out what it was?