I can't seem to find anything about this. I've been to my gyno about this about a year ago and she did a scraping of it (it has reappeared now, a year later), and said she didn't know what it was, but that it wasn't a wart or cancerous. I'm negative for HPV and herpes. 

The "lump" is flat, about the size of a flattened penny, and is flesh colored. It doesn't hurt, kindof itches, and it's not a "bump" as it's flat and it appears to look more like a blister than anything.

Has anyone had anything like this? Kinda freaking out as I've no health insurance and am hoping it's harmless (again, my old gyno just kindof shrugged it off)

There are no other bumps/sores/spots besides this one and it's on my labia minora.

Thanks for any helpful answers!