Just my luck, it was the first time I have had sexual contact with a man, and only that time.
He rubbed his penis on my vagina, but not putting it in. After that encounter, I never had any sexual contact again. Two months later, I noticed a small lump on my labia mayora, on the left side, just a little above clitoris. It's reddish brown. When I touch it, it doesn't feel itchy, and when I stretch the skin, it becomes more reddish, and have small white dots on it.

Later after three months it began spreading and getting bigger, to the upper side and right side of the labia mayora just a little above clitoris.

I got treatment for fungal, Erysanbe for three times with no effect. And then the labia minora start to feel itchy, and burning. I got greenish yellowish vaginal discharge with unpleasant smell. The latest doctor saw warts/ Condyloma on my labia minora and performed the cyroteraphy. So so painful. The itching is gone, but the lump on labia mayora is still there, and my clitoris is a little swelling now. Somehow the doctors overlooked that, saying that it's normal. I am Asian, so perhaps its the color of the skin which makes it harder to notice, and I was too ashamed to argue.

Please help me, and tell me possible diagnose for the lumps?