I got on the depo shot this past december and it was great. No period, no nothing. It wasn't until about 7 or 8 months later that my boyfriend and I noticed my boobs were soo tender(I could barely touch them), my stomach hurt everyday, I had terrible mood swings, I got mad or upset about every little thing which caused me and my boyfriend to have fights all the time. I decided to get off the shot because of the price of getting it, also. It costed me about $140 every time I got a shot. They "failed" to tell me that the first time I got it. The side effects of getting off the shot are terrible. It took me a couple of months to get my period back and I finally did yesterday. My cramps are ten times worse than what they were before and my bleeding started off aa a brownish color. We just figured it was because I hadn't had a period in about ten months. Today is the second day of my period and the cramps are still as bad.

I highly recommend that no one get on this shot. Doctors don't tell you about the side effects at all because in my opinion it's their way of earning money so why would they?

I'm now on the pill called Necco and I will never get back on the depo shot. It was a horrible experience for me and I do not recommend it to women who are looking for a birth control.