The militant leather-wearing vegetarian and the Queen of Misery, that is. Corporate consultants put six names on the hit list; mind you there are - um, were - 37 people in my entire office. El Presidente was able to get four off of it. These two were selected supposedly based on seniority and salary grades.

So far they say this is it. Luckily my training skills are highly valued, so much that my boss said to the support people "you want to keep your jobs, you better start training."

I am not worried as I always have a back-up plan with a back-up plan, but others are on edge. Go Corporate America. The thing that bothers me the most is that the consultant group is highly compensated by the parent company, but didn't even bother to come in to check out the situation. At least The Bobs bestowed that courtesy. It's like they took a sheet of paper with names on it and played Pin the Tail on the Soon-To-Be Unemployed.

Should be an interesting happy hour on Friday, however.