All of these stories make me feel sad, but not alone!  I started Armour 1/4 grain last July (2014) and worked my way up to 1 grain in June 2015.  I was still having symptoms - severe constipation, tired, weight gain, muscle weakness.  My doctor switched me to Synthroid and Cytomel in July.  I took it for 6 weeks and gained 10 pounds despite being on a clean eating regimen and regularly exercising.  I just turned 30.  I was looking at photos of this time last year and the clothes I was able to wear.  My diet is MUCH cleaner than it was this time in 2014 before I started any thyroid medication.  Because I have low T3 and T4 levels, but not terribly low, my doctor has agreed that I can go off the Synthroid and Cytomel and try to treat my thyroid with diet for a few months.  Has anyone had success going off thyroid hormones altogether?  Any advice?  And how long did it take to feel back to normal?  I would take how I felt before medicine over this for sure.  Thanks, and bless you all.  I feel your pain!!