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i was wondering is their another alternative to synthriod? i am gaining so much weight from taking synthroid i want to take another medication.  A different medication that will serve the same purpose as the synthriod without the of the weight gain.


Hi there!  There are other alternatives for thyroid medication besides synthroid.  Some of them are not perscribed by conventional endocrinologist.  Some of the alternatives are Naturethroid, Armour, and I believe there is a topical form of Synthroid....but I don't remember the name right now. It's like a gel.  It could be too that you are not on the right amount of the synthroid if you are gaining weight. Not sure what your levels are but make sure your doctor is checking your T3, T4, and for any thyroid antibodies. I was really sick for a while and no one could figure out what was wrong with me. The only thing that was showing up was I had an ANA test done in which after further testing determined that I had thyroid antibodies.  My thyroid levels were "normal" though so my endocrinologist told me that all my symptoms were not from my thyroid. I did a lot of research and found there has been a book written about still having thyroid symptoms when your blood work is normal.  Mary Shamon, Suzy Cohen, and Dr. Brownstein are some good people to follow.  I would look into alternative ways to treat thyroid disease too. That is what I eventually had to do.  After going to many doctors I went to an integrative health doctor who discovered I had many vitamin deficiencies (iron (ferritin), vit. D, etc.) and my hormones were all out of whack.  This is just my story so you can take what you want from it.  I just always try to encourage everyone to be there own advocate.  There is no reason to go around feeling sick and dealing with symptoms when you don't have to.  Hope this helps! Good luck!!