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Hello topic browsers! im 16 years and 6 months old, Im uncircumcised and ever since I was born I was never really properly educated on keeping my foreskin and penis clean. I have genuinely tight foreskin even now unable to retract flaccid or erect. I'm doing some stretches and they are helping a little bit but when I was younger I thought it was completely normal (which apparently it kinda is) to have tight foreskin, as it doesn't detach properly until you reach around 10 years of age.

I never really pulled it back to clean it as the foreskin tightness wouldn't let me, again which I thought was normal. In fact, only a few months ago I realised for the first time ever that the foreskin was generally supposed to be able to retract past the rim of the glans. This makes me a little less confident in myself and I want to sort it out before I get sexually active with a girl, as having to worry about getting it stuck when erect, and the fact that it is sensitive to the point that it's painful to the touch, would ruin the moment for us both :( 

As I said, I'm making slow but steady progress stretching, but I'm wondering how to clean under the foreskin when it's almost painfully sensitive and tight. I have heard about people pinching the tip of their foreskin and urinating into it, ballooning the foreskin up and filling it with pee, cleaning out the smegma left underneath. Can anyone confirm this as a valid and effective method? Ill try it tomorrow if no one responds yet.

My main worry is how much smegma is going to be underneath, as I've gone 16 years without being able to clean properly? The glans doesn't look to inflamed, just slightly red and has a normal shape to it. Just little white spots dotted around the head which are normal as well apparently. I must be cleaning it somewhat decently as I've had very few if not no real serious infections, just smells a little odd when I get close and has bits of smegma that come out here and then, but it's genuinely quite stubborn. I went to my GP and he got me some steroid cream for it, it's helping and because he went through tight foreskin he could understand me.

Anyone who's going/gone through a similar ordeal any help would be greatly appreciated, and anyone curious or misunderstood feel free to ask me any questions. I won't bite, ask me anything, no matter how silly. Just know I ain't no doctor but I'll help how I can :)

Sorry for long post, and sorry for my English is bad, it's 4:05 AM as of finishing this Topic!

P.S if anyone says get a circumcision i'm going to jump of a cliff. I want to keep my foreskin as much as humanly possible okay? Thanks, that's all for now :)


A few adult males have non-retractable foreskins. It is really easy to painlessly clean out your foreskin without retracting it. They may wash it out without retracting if they desire to do so. Here are some directions


1. Urine is a sterile substance when it leaves the body so it is an excellent washing agent. Pinch the tip of your foreskin shut when you pee. Let the urine fill up your foreskin. You will see your foreskin balloon because of the urine inside. Then release the tip and all of the urine inside your foreskin will come gushing out and clean out whatever is inside. This is best done in the shower as it tends to be messy. Do that as often as you can. and/or 2. Get a rubber bulb ear syringe from a drug store, pharmacy, or chemist’s shop. These are designed to squirt warm water into ear canals to clean them out. They also work great for cleaning out foreskins. Fill the ear syringe with warm (not hot) water and then insert the tip of the syringe into your foreskin. Then squeeze the bulb and a jet of warm water will squirt into your foreskin and clean out whatever is inside. This can be done over the bathroom washbasin. Don’t use soap or body wash inside your foreskin because soap dries out the skin oils essential for good health.