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Basically i have an un-circumcised penis, and where my foreskin meets my head, i occasionally get little white lumps, that don't hurt or anything, are just visible. If i then pull at the foreskin and oush the lumps for a while in the shower, the lump appears to pass out of the skin between the skin and shaft and will come away onto my fingers. For a few days after the skin in that area becomes inflamed where i pulled at it but that goes down. I have had this for years, and had some problems when i was younger and my foreskin wouldn't pull right back, still can't get it all back now and im 17 :$

please can i get some help, it's not a massive problem but i worry whenever one appears.

Also i am a virgin but i have engaged in oral sex with multiple people, could this have any effect? It doesnt seem to correlate but....

thanks in advance


The white lumps are smegma.

Smegma is a natural, normal, harmless, and healthy substance. It is a mixture of exfoliated skin and skin oils. Smegma collects under the foreskin. It is normally white in color.

 It can get irritating if it stays for a long time without being washed away, so it is good practice to wash under the foreskin periodically.

 Accumulated smegma may get hardened and difficult to remove if it stays a long time such as under a foreskin that is not retracted. Olive oil has been recommended for softening and removing hardened smegma.

It is really easy to painlessly clean out your foreskin without retracting it. Here are two ways:

1. Urine is a sterile substance when it leaves the body so it is an excellent washing agent. Pinch the tip of your foreskin shut when you pee. Let the urine fill up your foreskin. You will see your foreskin balloon because of the urine inside. Then release the tip and all of the urine inside your foreskin will come gushing out and clean out whatever is inside. This is best done in the shower as it tends to be messy.


 2. Get a rubber bulb ear syringe from a drug store, pharmacy, or chemist’s shop. These are designed to squirt warm water into ear canals to clean them out. They also work great for cleaning out foreskins. Fill the ear syringe with warm (not hot) water and then insert the tip of the syringe into your foreskin. Then squeeze the bulb and a jet of warm water will squirt into your foreskin and clean out whatever is inside.