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Hi ,I am 28 yrs ,I had sex with my wife after which i found out that she was expecting and i had small cuts on the foreskin and that is healed however my foreskin in not pulling back and it is painfully as well when I pull it back. I sometimes get irritation as well and white cheesy material come out of it. I had been ignoring it ,however it has already 6 months and I worried about it. It looks like I have red rash on the inside of penis. I have recently started tried to clean with solution of water and detol/savlon and applying neosporin however I looks like it still gonna take time. plz suggest me something.


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Why are using dettol or savlon? Those are antiseptics that I can only think will hurt like h*ll when applied to your glans.

All you need is water to wash off the smegma. If it's dried, keep soaking it. You need to stretch your foreskin to get it loose enough to go back over your glans easily. You can do it by inserting two fingers, spreading them apart and holding them there for several minutes. If you do that every day you should see improvement in a week or so. Keep doing that until it's as loose as you want it. 

After having sex and finding the cuts, was your foreskin back behind your glans? The cuts were probably from stretching it too much too fast as it went back over your glans during sex.




Hi Abhi Verma:

The white cheesy material is called smegma. I think you need to clean out your foreskin.


Smegma is a natural, normal, harmless, and healthy substance. It is a mixture of exfoliated skin and skin oils. Smegma collects under the foreskin. It is normally white in color.

It can get irritating if it stays for a long time without being washed away, so it is good practice to wash under the foreskin periodically.

Accumulated smegma may get hardened and difficult to remove if it stays a long time such as under a foreskin that is not retracted. Olive oil has been recommended for softening and removing hardened smegma.


It is really easy to painlessly clean out your foreskin without retracting it. Here are two ways:

1. Urine is a sterile substance when it leaves the body so it is an excellent washing agent. Pinch the tip of your foreskin shut when you pee. Let the urine fill up your foreskin. You will see your foreskin balloon because of the urine inside. Then release the tip and all of the urine inside your foreskin will come gushing out and clean out whatever is inside. This is best done in the shower as it tends to be messy.


2. Get a rubber bulb ear syringe from a drug store, pharmacy, or chemist’s shop. These are designed to squirt warm water into ear canals to clean them out. They also work great for cleaning out foreskins. Fill the ear syringe with warm (not hot) water and then insert the tip of the syringe into your foreskin. Then squeeze the bulb and a jet of warm water will squirt into your foreskin and clean out whatever is inside.


I was told that the penis would have to be Circumcised. However I don't want to do that. Is there any other cure. plz reply.