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Did anyone heard of dr. bernstein s health and diet clinic and if there are any available in toronto? Did anyone here have (positive) experience? What is the diet like?


I lost more than 80 lbs on dr. dr. Bernstein s diet. The diet is worth every inch!
You eat only 800 calories a day (1200 is “normal”), which means 3 meals and no other snacks. Meals are consisted of protein, vegetables and a tiny amount of carbohydrates. No fat allowed! Protein is located in only 2 meals. Breakfast is consisted of toast, fruit. You are also given 3 shots a week of a high potency B complex vitamin, which is supposed to decrease your appetite, that is why you can handle with 800 daily calories. I am sure there is dr. Bernstein s health and diet clinic in Toronto, but I am not sure where, since I was in Ontairo.


Good have no choice but to be perfect on this diet. If you go off the diet you get a few serious warnings from the overweight nursing staff and then goodbye. It has taken years of bad habits for me to get to be my weight......something any good doctor should understand. Instead of having a no tolerence attitude, why doesn't Dr. B supply strategies for lifestyle changes. Needless to say, I was kicked out because I was "cheating" Sounds to me like he's a doctor who cares more about his reputation than about his patients. I should have listened to my own doctor who warned me to stay away because he felt this diet was riduculous and very unhealthy.


I've began the Dr. Berstein Diet 3 months ago, and i've only lost 33 pounds. All the advertisements always say, lose 16-20lbs per week garenteed. At most, i've only lost 3lbs per week. I even cut out alot of the portions of the food I am allowed to eat. I cut out fruits and carbs. I only eat the meat and veggies. Even with foods I cut out, I still only lose 3lbs per week..sometimes 4 at the most, but very rare. Its fustrating because I want to get this diet over with, the $$ is adding up.

I know we dont have to do any exercise, but I've tried exercising with this diet before, I only did cardio for 1 week. I wanted to incease the weight loss, but instead, I lost nothing that week!..Does that make sense? The nurse says, its just a coinsidence...I tried exercising couple weeks later, and again, my weight loss came to a stop.

Did anyone do exercise with this diet? Did it stop ur weight loss? if not, what kind of cardio (i used the elliptical trainer) exercise did you do ? and did the exercise increase the weight loss time?...
Please let me know...i'm getting poor..hahaha


Not all of the nurses at Dr. B are overweight, many are though. I was one of them. I worked there for two years and never went on the diet even though it was given free to the staff as long as you followed it.
I would strongly advise you not to go on this diet. It is very strict and gives no allowances for holidays, etc.
Over my two years working there I was amazed at the return rate of patients who had lost a good deal of weight only to gain it back in a short period. One lady lost over 100lbs in a year but returned to the clinic just before I quit and had gained back 160lbs in 7 months.
The diet is good for quick weight loss but does not teach you how to maintaine that weight. They do have a program called the Maintenance Program where you get an injection every week as opposed to 3 times per week. It rarely works because most people don't follow it.
When I started working ther the cost of the diet was around $280 per month. When I left it was around $550 or $580 I've heard that it is over $800 a month now. the prices regularly go up about every 6-8 months.
You must also purchase vitamin supplements and your own foods.
My mortgag is not this expensive!
The person above who said the injections were for appetite suppression is INCORRECT. Vitamin B6, B12 and potassium help you feel energized while you starve your body.
There are reasons why overweight nurses do not go on the diet, even thought it is free to them. They are afraid of it and see the other health problems that arise from doing the diet.
It is much safer to lose weight slowly. Take your time. You will be happier in the long run and will gain the knowledge to continue with your weight loss by learning it over time.


Exercise will slow the weight loss because you are gaining muscle. Muscle weights heavier than fat! Muscle GOOD Fat BAD!
You need to decide if you want to be a certain number on a scale or if you want to be healthy.
Skinny does not always equate to healthy.
I would advise to eat healthy and have smaller portions throughout the day. Especially break up your PROTEINS into smaller portions more frequently throughout the day as it keeps your insulin levels even for longer periods and reduces cravings
Exercise! Your heart is a muscle, your body needs exercise to stay healthy.
I cannot stress the importance of staying healthy, not just skinny.


BTW...I was 208 lbs when I quit at Dr. Bernsteins
Noe with proper eating, exercise and drinking H2O I've dropped 56 lbs in 13 months.
And I can still make my mortgage payment and didn't need to take out a personal loan to pay for a diet!
Save your $$$
If you knew the c**p that goes on in those clinics you wouldn't want to waste your hard earn cash.
It is a well know fact that ALL the staff including the owner see you all as chump and a way to make money.
They feed off you nativity/ignorance.
The only staff that sticks around are the ones who don't care...the good ones always leave because they can't stand to work in a place that has no values or respects their patients.
There is a reason why they are always hiring...high employee turnover rates.


first of all this diet is exactly like all the other diets of course you are going to gain the weight back after the diet if you are just going to carry on the same lifestyle you had which made you gain the weight in the first place so duh! but i mean its worth a try if you have the motivation and stuff to be able to maintain healthy eating habits...... i live in edmonton and my doctor recommended the Dr. Bernstein weight loss clinic. she said that even though it is a low calorie diet it wont hurt you if your only going for two months it doesnt mean you have to carry on to the low caloric diet it just means eat fruit and stuff with no calories when you need to snack.


just wondering if you know the formula for the injections? would like to know how much of each they are giving each person....sounds like alot


Hello. I am currently an employee of Dr. Bernsteins and also a previous patient. I am just letting you all know that this program is only for people who are motivated to get the weight off the first time!!! It is true that we have patients come back to do the program again, but why shouldnt they. Life happens and the majority of the patients that are coming back are usually for only a few weeks...the two week tune up to keep the weight down after the summer vacation. You have the option to come back, you invest alot of money in this program and we all want to see everyone succeed, only if they want to succeed. We are there to help out people who want to help themselves. Yes it is a very strict program but it has to be to see the results that you will have. There is a reason you are monitored by nurses and doctors when attending the clinic, we are checking everything, urine...making sure your burning your own body fat...that is how you are not hungry and have the cravings while on program cause your body is living off its stored body fat. I dont know about the rest of you, but i sure had alot of body fat to live off of. We are also testing your blood, we make sure your levels are staying normal and if there is any thing out of the normal range then we will be investigating it.
As for the majority of the staff being over weight it is strictly up to the employee to begin the program. Yes he offers it for free but only to the employees who are motivated to get it off the first time. Most of the staff that i am working with have done the program lost the weight they wanted to and are satisfied with the weight that they are at now. It is not because they are scared of the program and they know that they are starving themselves it is because some people are happy with what their weight is at. You should not make assumptions unless you know it is true. If you want to change your eating habits for the remainder of your healthy life when you are no longer receiving injections and being so strict it is total up to you to do so. I did the program in November 2004 after having my first child and in May of 2005 I have successfully lost 110lbs and to this day, Oct 18/06, i have maintained with a 100lbs loss. The maintence program is the key to the program. Yes it is a fast weight lost program but after you stop coming in 3 times a week and you are down to one time a week the nurse will be teaching you the tricks and the tips on how to keep the weight off for the rest of your life. New foods will be introduced week by week and by the end of your maintence program you will be eating everything you were eating before only in moderation. You should know what will put the weight back on your body and how to keep it off forever. I am not the only successfull story out there. The majority of the people who have done the maintence program have kept it off and i have been working here for over 4 years. I have seen a lot of clients come and go and never come back. Dr. Bernstein has been in business for many, many years and knows quite a bit about how to help people lose the weight if they are willing to help themselves.
Next time you want to bash the program make sure you do your homework, it is not 800 dollars a month. Quite a few insurance programs will pay for the program or at least a % of the program and at the end of each year you can ask for an income tax receipt and put it on your income tax as a medical expense. Everyone should try it for themselves and be successfull just like me.


I feel sorry for whatever clinic you worked at but i know for a fact that in the city that i am in and all the clinics i have worked at and there has been a few, NONE of the staff do the following:

"It is a well know fact that ALL the staff including the owner see you all as chump and a way to make money.
They feed off you nativity/ignorance.
The only staff that sticks around are the ones who don't care...the good ones always leave because they can't stand to work in a place that has no values or respects their patients. "

You really shouldnt clump the rest of the good, kind, caring staff with staff like yourself who is so negative. The patients need to have motivation and positive attitudes. It is a good thing you are not there anymore, cause your a bit negative. I feel sorry for you. I rather enjoy working with the staff at the clinic i am at and with all the staff i have worked with through the 5 clinics i have worked at. I know the patients enjoy coming to our clinic cause we treat them like human who have a brain. Maybe that is why your clinic had such a high turn over rate. everyone that i have ever worked with have been with the company 3-5 years. So again, do your homework prior to tacking the rest of us decent staff with ones like yourself.

As for the staff only wanting money from the patients...(It is a well know fact that ALL the staff including the owner see you all as chump and a way to make money)...we dont see any of that money. Are you sure you worked at one of the clinics. Cause no one at any of the clinics here see a penny of that money. Yes it goes to Dr. Bernstein but why shouldnt it. He has designed this program to help out others. Again do your homework. You tell us how much it will cost to go to L.A. wt loss, or jenny craig, or weight watches to lose the same amount of wt as you would with Dr. Bernstein but over a very long period of time. When it could be done in a few months with medical supervision and then the maintence program to teach you how to maintain for the rest of your life. Tell us the benefits of that. Cause i would love to hear it. I use to attend weight watchers & jenny craig so i would love to hear what you have to say about that. Cause those other program you are required to purchase thier products for your food. When with this program you buy regular grocery store food. You receive a great cookbook with everything in it. The food list is much much larger than any other programs list. So please could you tell me the benefit of going to another program for assistance in loosing wt, like the slower wt loss, being monitored by my neighbour or joe blow off the street instead of a nurse and doctor and paying in the end much much more. Oh yeah and not being able to write this on my income tax as a medical expense.

Try to smile today. :D



Hum, I would advise anyone to contact Revenue Canada or their tax account to understand the rules for tax deduction.
One has to have a low income and high expenses before they can really get any use out of this so called tax deduction.

If you are making an average wage and single person...GOOD your money and hire a trainer at the gym.


My husband is just finishing up his first Dr. B experience. He has definitely lost the weight...about 30 pounds in two months with 10 pounds to go.

It is a tough program, you will be hungry. The food choices are pretty limited, so you will miss your old menus.

But the support is great. Without thrice weekly visits to be motivated and monitored, I am sure my husband could not have lost the weight. He's the kind of person who needs the structure and support. And paying so much has boosted his motivation.

Yes, you could do this on your own (cut calories, improve the quality of your food choices), but I find most people really struggle with that. They often need a plan to plug into, and of course after that they need to learn a new lifestyle so they don't gain everything back. Some can learn portion control, which is the key. Some never really can learn portion control.

Exercise is huge in terms of maintenance. Here, support is huge as out with a group or buddy to keep you at it.


I am lucky. Both my husband and my vitamin shots were covered by our extended medical insurance companies. Please inquire if your insurance company can cover these.....


I am so grateful that I decided to go to a Dr. Bernstein Diet Clinic almost 3 weeks ago.
I have lost 13 pounds and I feel amazing.
I have a lot more to go, but every single pound that comes off is making me feel more energetic and less depressed.

Yes, it is very low calorie diet. I know that, I understand that. I also KNOW that if I were to quit today and go back to my old eating habits; i would gain all of the weight back very quickly.

Education is the key! I have learned so much. I now understand that by having my body in a constant state of KETOSIS, I am burning my ugly fat. I am never hungry because my body has tons of energy available to it. I eat all of the proteins they tell me to and because of this, I do not have to worry about muscle loss. I now understand why I was hungry all of the time. The carbohydrates that I was putting into my body constantly were causing my blood sugar to spike and drop. I would start to shake if I had not eaten in a few hours. I thought I was getting diabetes, but bloodtests always revealed normal sugar levels. I understand why I was hungry everytime I had alcohol. Man, give me a beer or 2 and I wanted to go to a buffet!

The vitamins that they "make" you take are a huge bonus. I have always known that I should be taking a multi-vitamin and now that I "have to", I feel better! I know that Vitamin B is good for us (especially as a woman). Calcium is extremely important, because I don't drink milk!

Now we have to talk about my severe indigestion/heartburn. I don't have it anymore! What that means is that I sleep through the night WITHOUT sleeping aids. I have been taking medication to help me sleep for years and now I don't need it!

Ok, now let's look at the money thing. Yes, it is expensive, but let's put it into perspective. I did a spreadsheet to show what I was spending on the following:

3 Tim Horton's coffees per day
Croissont from Tim Hortons's 5 or 6 days per week
Large lunches at least 3 times per week
Eating out for dinner at least once per week
Snacks bought at least 2 nights per week from the corner store

Was I surprised when I discovered that I was spending OVER $500 per month on this stuff! So, the $600 that I am spending at Dr. Bernstein's is NOT a lot of money when looked at IN PERSPECTIVE.

I don't miss the carbs. I really don't. When I have a chicken breast and fill the rest of my plate with nutritious veggies - I am very satisfied. I don't crave more. I don't NEED more.

So, what will I do when I reach my goal weight? I will go on the maintenance plan. I want to know what foods I can reintroduce without having a weight gain. For those foods that DO cause a weight gain, I will no longer eat them...period! This is a LIFESTYLE change, not just a QUICK FIX.

I was so desperate to find a solution, I was looking into lap band surgery. Now, I DARE somebody to tell me that invasive surgery is safer than this diet. I also challenge them to show me that it is less expensive - no way!

No surgery for this girl! I have found my solution...and I am sticking to it!

Anyone out there contemplating this diet, wanting a weight loss buddy, looking for moral support....wanting to talk...please feel free to email me. (at)