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I always look at food labeling but more than often i am not sure what i am looking at. All that jumbo text with big words. It just sounds awful. But i could be wrong, maybe some of those ingredients are good for me.

What should i be looking to avoid when checking out food labels?



if you're trying to minimize the amount of unhealthy ingredients from the food you eat, then the first step is to check how much calories, sugar, protein and salt some product contains. Americans, for example, consume way too much salt because it's hidden in these ingredient lists, as well is high fructose corn syrup, which is basically sugar.

Also, look for artificial sweeteners such as aspartame - some of these sweeteners are proven to be potentially cancerogenous, while others have a very strong laxative effect. As far as fresh fruit and vegetables are concerned, bying at a local or organic market is the best thing you can do, but if you don't have that option check for organically grown produce in your market,

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Hi ,

It's good that you are looking at the food labeling because from there you can learn a lot about your food. 

There is this funny saying about quote labeling: "If you can't pronounce it then it's probably bad for you". However, this is not necessarily through. 

Sometimes of the ingredients in our food contain E additives. Some of these have been proven to cause certain problems to people ( like respiratory problems and allergies). Pay some attention to these E's like E- number. 

What you should mostly be looking at is calories, carbs, and fat because you don't want to much any of these. Every food label has RDA; recommended daily average which shows you how much of that product is of your daily intake in percentages. For instance, one chocolate bar may be 70% of your recommended daily sugar intake. So you shouldn't eat two of those (except if you worked out a lot that day)