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This post is an extension of the Metzger Pineapple Products thread.

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I kept reading all the posts to find out what was actually in this product. If only pineapple, I could tolerate it. I am very allergic to many things that are added to make something 'healthier' or more 'natural'. The first post by lebaron613 is appreciated.

It is hard to know from a 'Guest' post if it is an actual person, especially when there is so much variance between results and posts on the original thread. I hope that more people who have used this product will post results, whether good or bad with a user name.

The second post could be valid or it could be a plant from someone wanting to sell more of the product and show favorable claims. If an actual addy had been listed I might have written and asked for more information.


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Posted: 12/05/07 - 11:04 Post subject: Pineapple Super Fat-Melter


I was excited when I got the Pineapple Super Fat-Melter advertisement in the mail because it said it was safe and that all it contained was green pineapple. I received me shipment yesterday. True, it does contain green pineapple, but a serving of 2 tablets also contains: 200 mcg of chromium, 245 mg of Guarana extract (standardized to 20% caffeine), which brings the caffeine content to 49.2 mg of caffeine per serving, 75 mg of green tea extract, and 22.5 mg of Bromelain. To quote the ad, it says: "Pineapple Super Fat-Melter is both safe and natural. It contains only freshly harvested fat-fighting enzymes from unripe pineapple plants. No drugs, no stimulants or anything else of any kind." To me that is blatant false advertising, and I am very angry that they lied about the content of their product. Personally, I don't want to take caffeine into my body. It is a stimulant. It is addicting. I think that if a company advertises that all their product contains is green pineapple, it should not contain the other ingredients.



Posted: 01/11/08 - 15:46 Post subject: Pineapple Super Fat-Melter

My father was actually the one to get the mailing, ordered the product a few months ago and has now lost a total of 50 lbs. He did watch his food intake but said he started seeing his body morph in a different way. So my mother started taking the pills. Mom noticed that even before she lost any weight her body seemed to be shrinking in her hips & belly. Now I've started taking them. I'm 35 years old, tried every diet in the past and suffer from Chronic Fatigue. I've only been taking them a week now & have been doing some moderate exercise (walking 15-20 mins a day). I have not changed my eating at all! (Can you say cheese & ice cream? ) I am noticing a shift in my body weight, I'm less hungry and I'm getting energy from these little pills! Definitely only take one at a time though. I've always been a "if 1 is good, 2 is better" kind of person but I felt no energy boost on the day I took 2 at a time. One 3 times a day seems to be working best. Hope that helps! Good luck!


[I to was about to purchase this lie. I have been losing wait on my own calorie counting.After receiving this miracle offer in the mail boy was I hopeful. I too was wishing for an easier way out .I have been over weight all my life when I wore a size 6 ,7 every one else wore 1 ,2 ,3s I actually never have been big on junk food never drank pop always drink lots of water ,walk 2 miles every day no chips no candy no donuts I never use grease I rinse any meat that produces grease and I still cant lose tthe pounds I am in a 14-16 and have been since my second of three children I have always been super active and I still am . I have like all the other wishful hopers tried every thing except this calorie counting which is only hard the first few days until you get your food intake adjusted to where you dont starve yourself by noon cause you've already eatin up your calories ,after a week you'll have your self sorted to where you can eat some of your normal foods just less of it there is sacrifice like sub some meals for others I've had no help or advice on doing this I'm just desperate to see if I can be a thin person .I never hardly ate any fast food restraunts and it's agood thing ,my husband has eatin Mc donalds and burger king twice since I started my change of lifestyle eating habits and out of curiosity I ask him to request calorie charts and Iwas blown away by how many calories and fat are in that food if you eat a tripple whopper dont expect to lose any wait no time soon it has over the amount your body can burn a day even with exersize so does the club chicken from mcdonalds it has more than a big mac !Any ways when I saw the PINEAPPLE MIRACLE PILLS boy was I almost sold on them. I just thought like everyone else after trying everything that maybe this would help me with my goal of losing 80 pounds in a year .After reading the reveiws I realized what I really (AND YOU GUYS DO TOO) already know IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT IS IF YOU WANT ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD OR LIFETIME WORTH HAVING IT DOES NOT COME EASY
THAT WOULD INCLUDE A MARRIAGE A FRIENDSHIP A SUCCESS OF ANY KIND INCLUDING WEIGHT LOSS ITS not easy but if you really want something worth any thing like a smaller figure just know that it's gonna be hard but it will be worth it in the end so what if it takes a year to lose and ayear of sweat and hard work to lose whatever your trying to lose would you rather spend the next 20 or so years of your life miserable wishing for something to happen like losing 20 or more pounds while you ate whatever and sat around not doing nothing if that works let me know what star your wishing on COME ON PEOPLE WERE MAKING THESE PEOPLE RICH WERE FILLING THERE POCKETS WITH OUR DESPERATION WHILE WERE LEFT WITH HEARTACHES AND DEPRESSION AND IF YOUR FAMILY IS LIKE MINE MY HUSBAND BREAKS HIS BACK JUST ENOUGH FOR OUR FAMILY TO GET BY.Who by the way is skinny he eats everything and is43 and gains nothing I eat hardly anything and I am only30 and I struggle to lose weight .His hard work has probably been spent on over 8,000$ in weight loss pills and diets over the last 13 years if not more how much have you spent? Hell I could have a surgery or tummy tuck for what my husband has spent all together look how much money were dishing out to these companies !I think it took me reading all of tehse reviews to finally open my eyes and I'm thankful for this site and all that took the time to post and read this is the last scam that I ALMOST FELL FOR LIKE ISAID IF IT'S EASY IN THIS LIFE IT'S NOT WORTH HAVING!!! DONT YOU THINK IF IT REALLY WORKED IT WOULD BE VERY EXPENSIVE JUST LIKE LIPOSUCTION AND GASTR BYPASS AND TUMMY TUCKS YOU KNOW THE THINGS THEY KNOW THAT REALLY WORK AND THEY COST TO MUCH FOR US TO GET AND THATS WHY THESE COMPANY'S KEEP THEIR PRICES IN A RANGE FOR LOWER AND MIDDLE CLASS WORKING PEOPLE IF WE WERE RICH (LIKE THEM) WE'D ALL HAVE SURGEONS BUT THEY MAKE A PRICE THAT WE LOOK AT AND SAY "HEY THATS A LITTLE HIGH BUT GEE IT HAS TO WORK OR IT COULDNT BE ADVERTISED AND I'LL PAY FOR THAT " BUT IF IT WORKED IT WOULD BE ALL OVER T.V NEWS PAPERS THE WHOLE WORLD AND HELL FOR THAT PRICE EVERY ONE IN THE WORLD WOULD BE SKINNY AND THE RICH PEOPLE WOULD NO LONGER NEED THEIR SURGEONS ! IT'S TIME TO REALIZE ONLY YOU CAN CHANGE YOURSELF YOU AND GOD HE MADE YOU HE CAN FIX YOU BUT EVEN HE'S NOT MIRACULOUSLY GONNA MAKE THE WEIGHT COME OFF YOU HAVE TO DO THE HARD WORK YOURSELF JUST ASK HIM FOR THE DRIVE AND ENEGY HE'LL GIVE YOU THE PUSH !I have 4 people I know taht have had success with weight and I've never tried any kind of program on t.v like Jenny or Nutrisystem because I thought it would be too expensive even though I'd spend 65$ a month or more on weight loss supplements I'm just curios on whether those programs really work I know the weight watchers is and has worked on my acquaintances but not sure of the others if any one would like to talk to me or give me an opinion or advise on my 80 pound in a year goal feel fre to contact me thank you and to all of you desperate and struggling to lose weight like me good luck and quit making these scam artist (and artists they are) rich you can achieve your goals if you make them>


I did some research. THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You send your money, and get nothing in return but a run-around.

That link will shed some light.


;-) I recieved the mailer for the super pineapple fat-burner and considered trying it, however, knowing a little about enzymes, I figured the enzyme they where talking about was bromelain. (Bromelain can be found at any nutrition store for probably a fraction of the price of these pills). So, I did a little web searching and found this site.

I wanted to say thanks to all of you who posted about this product (parts 1 & 2). I think most of those who tried it got very little results and those who did get results were, in fact, doing something else (like increased exercise, water in take, etc).

And the other ingredients are some of the same ingredients found in many other weight loss products (Chromium, guarana, green tea, etc.) which can be purchased OTC for much less. Those that saw some results, may have seen the same or simular results from a simular (and lest expensive) OTC weight loss suppliments.

So, there is doesn't seem to be any "miracle" in these pills....just a lot of advertising hipe to get you to pay extra money for just another weight loss suppliment which may or may not help you loss weight!

Thanks again for your posts!!


I sent my check on 8/3/08. Have not received item. Decided to google to research for a number to call and came across this web site. After reading reviews, I have checked to see if my check has even cleared which it hasn't. I am considering putting a stop payment on my check and back out of this.


I received the ad packet for the first time yesterday, 10/07/08. I suppose I was on a mailing list because I've purchased medical/health books online in the past. I scanned the information quickly but laughed out loud when I saw the photo of the "doctor." I recognized his picture from an ad for another product I have long forgotten. The only way I know it is the same photo is that he is the spitting image of a math teacher I had in 1966. The first time I saw his photo - a couple of years ago or so - I thought of my math teacher, and when I saw it again yesterday, I laughed out loud.

In the trash the packet went. I'm 60 years old this month and in the best shape of my life because I stopped dieting and learned about health, anti-cancer foods, especially foods to avoid like the PLAGUE (milk and all dairy, for example.) Out of curiosity I googled the product and found this message board.

I'm hopeful for any of you who purchased the tablets and most hopeful of all that you won't give up on yourselves if the tablets fail you in any way. With my long years of experience losing/gaining/losing/struggling, I wish I could say something to save you from my mistakes.

Keep this in mind: Processed foods are killing us and our children. Additives, chemicals and anything that changes a food from how it grows... those are the things that make us fat and keep us fat. Diet sodas or any drink or food with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) will shut off the chemical in our brain that tells us we're full, while it fails to shut off the chemical that signals hunger... Double whammy. Also, humans were never designed to drink the milk of another species, nor continue drinking (cow's) after we're weaned. Read a book called The China Study. Google IGF-1... identical in human and cow... a growth hormone naturally occuring in all cow's milk products.

Sure I'd like to go back to a younger age to do this all over again knowing what I know now. But I'd sure like to spare others the years that I struggled with food. Good luck to all of you. Eat for health and the weight will come off; it can't help it. Don't starve yourself.


I am so torn!! I really want to try this and see if I can be a person it works for but after reading all of the "good" posts, I am skeptical that ANY of these people are real! But then I also think that it didn't work for some because of their body type. I am 5'6" and just hit 169 lbs. I am a 29 yrs old, mother of 2 and have NEVER been this big my whole life (even during pregnancy!). I am not at all lazy. I stay active as far as day to day routine, house chores etc.. (no specific exercise)Depression has alot to do with my recent gain and I know I eat more than I should. But if I had the patience and commitment to watch everything I put into my mouth and do specific exercises consistently then I wouldn't be HERE, (lol!) I am desperate to get this extra fat off of my body, it is very depressing, embarrassing and hiding who I really am (a thin, sexy momma :wink: ) So I want to use these pills to kickstart my weight loss and get my self esteem back up but it will do the exact opposite if they are B@#$ S@#$T.
PLEASE PLEASE if there is someone out there that is like my body type/daily routine and this is working for you PLEASE POST!!


I just ordered it yesterday. I figured it was worth a try. I used a charge card so I will have a re-course if I don't get the product or it doesn't work and I have a problem with their 100% guareentee. I will post on here when it comes, what it's like and whether or not it works.



This is a reply to Lebaron613. Thanks for the heads-up about the caffeine. I ingest nothing with caffeine since it exacerbates a cyst problem. I would be very upset to take it unknowingly through something sent to me with false advertising. However, I had nixed it just because it sounded too good to be true and I do not believe Joann exists. she is s greedy man working from his home.


I fail to understand WHY all you people put your faith in the "wonder pill" because really that exact what it is, "I wonder if it works"?I wonder how much fat? I will lose? I wonder, I wonder and I wonder

Yet money spent on real food, good diet, training and exercises is the basis for fat loss.

Don't get me wrong there are some good supplements that can help you speed up the metabolism and burn fat, but seriously basic understanding of how it all works, should really be first. Than just trust what you read and buy it and swallow. Because if it really was that simple no one would be fat. Right?
I am only witting this to try and help, if it help one person that cool with me, but by no means it meant to annoy or offend anyone, if it does, my biggest apology. the free to by the way, because I believe sharing is caring.

Here is some basic facts:
Fat is stored energy ok, when the body burn energy or needs it to burn, the main process for energy come from
(1) CARBS first -this is the food you eat.
(2) Muscle protein - energy source found in the muscle, this is second
(3) Body fat - last, because the body believe it needs to hold this for tougher times.

To speed up the metabolism and suppress the hunger, eat more frequently, but eat smaller meals. every 2-3 hrs is ideal time to eat, doing this will speed up the metabolism and it suppress the appetite.

Eat slow & eat low carbs
... thats low carbs not no carbs. The reason for the low carbs, is, its the first line for energy that you body look at, if there not enough carbs for energy the body will look to the second and third line for energy. Complex carbs are best, eat complex carbs. Eat more protein, this protect your muscle from being burnt up as energy. that's important because, keeping muscle is good, as muscle burns cal and more cals burnt, equals less fat.

If you eliminate or decrease the the first two pathways of energy for the body, the body has no choice but to burn body fat because that's all that's left. That's good right... sweet....... makes sense

Is the part where we push our body to burn energy, remember the above.
30-40 cardio is the way to go, low impact on treadmill easy speed and walk for 30-40 minutes 3 time per week and you will say bye bye body fat, I promise.

If you want to take full advantage of fat burning cardio in the morning on a empty is optimal for body fat burning.

Do some strength training, little weights wont hurt, it will strengthen the muscles, if weight are to much use a tension / rubber band.

There are supplement that can be helpful, but most just to make money, if you seriously want something that will aid you to lose Body fat, I suggest:

Carnitine the purpose of this is to break down body fat /fell cell getting them really to be burnt as energy.
Sports Multi vitamin good to maintain good levels through out the body.
Thermogenics is a fat burner, theres any around, you should check this one out with your Doctor first, because i don't know what medical issues you may / may not have.. if your fine to use thermo, I suggest LIPO6X if you doctor give you duromine thats also very thermo, don't mix the thermos. thermogenic will accelerate you heart beat. so be careful


I know this works trust on that.... No I don't want any money, nor do i want you buy a certain brand of product. Ok

I'm talking from my experience with mega fat loss

you all got nothing to lose, apart from fat..

good luck


They came Friday and I took 2 Friday, yesterday and today. A miracle? I don't know yet. I am working on my diet. I was looking for some help and not something to just do it all for me. I am listing the ingredients. I looked each of them up. All are safe in small doses. One of them is found in chocolate, I don't remember which one. I hope the first one is made from pineapple pulp but there is no proff of it. I am 1 pound down from Friday and I won't tell you what I ate Saturday it wasn't diet food for sure. My goal is one pound a week and I need to loose about 40 pounds. If this helps me reach that goal I'll be glad. Note that there is no caffine in the ingredients. The only problem I have right now is the other 2 offers they signed me up for which will cost me $40.00 a month if I don't cance. I'm going to cance 1 of them and look at the other. Well here is the list in the order it's on the bottle:
microcrystalline cellulose, diacalcium phosphate, crosamellose sodium, steric acid, magnesium stearate, calcium silcate, phamaceutical glaze.


Took pineapple pills foe 2 weeks. Lost no weight. Gained severe rash and hives. Persists.Miserable.


I received the ads yesterday, and was really impressed (false hope).Am going on a trip this Spring and envisioned myself looking good. But at my age (79) I should know better than to believe these claims. Was considering ordering, since it said could get money back if they didn't work. But after reading these posts, think I'll change my mind. Recently had to return some that claimed they would make arthritis almost disappear overnight. What a joke! Glad I found this site before I sent my order.


Well, my grandma just gave these to me for free, so I will have no problem leaving genuine feedback, but I agree with a lot of people on this topic, that everyone is going to react differently to it, so I don't know if this will help or not. I started yesterday, I weighed 118.4lbs before I took the first pill around 3:00pm I then took the second one around 7:00pm then had some dinner then went to bed. In the morning I was 116.9 lbs. There's no real evidence that says its because of the pill yet so I will keep trying it and keep everyone updated, I don't want to give anyone too much hope yet. %-)