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Hello, I am a mother of the 14 year old kid who thinks he knows everything. It is hard sometimes, dealing with him, but most of the time, it is fun. One of those not so good moments happens when I have to persuade him that milk is good for him. He does not like it at all. How much milk teenagers need to drink daily?


I think that they need to drink at least 0.2 dl daily which is not much but they need that amount for various reasons. One is calcium of course, for the proper development of the bones. Also, there is a possibility that he dislikes milk because of the allergy, so you might want to make him do the allergen tests.


If the issue is because he doesnt like it , put about 2 tea spoon full of sugar into the milk , and stir it , tastes much better


Although we are led to believe otherwise by the dairy industry (I live in Wisconsin, I'm well aware! :-) ), the adverse health effects of cow milk far outweigh the benefits. For a growing teenager, calcium, magnesium, and other minerals for bone health is more easily obtained from fruits and vegetables.

The problem is that milk is very acidic; when consumed regularly, calcium is leached OUT of the bones to buffer the acid to make it digestible. The calcium in milk is not very bioavailable- barely 30% is used, and magnesium levels are very low. To absorb calcium, you must have adequate magnesium and other minerals that are not found in milk.

Interestingly enough, the 3 countries that consume the most milk are United States, Britain, and Switzerland. The 3 countries that have the highest rates of osteoporosis are United States, Britain, and Switzerland.

The human body is not even designed to consume milk past infancy- most people stop making the enzyme necessary to digest milk (lactose) later in life. Lactose intolerance is actually how our bodies were made to be, which is why most of the population cannot tolerate or just plain don't like milk.

And chew on this.... humans are the only species that consumes another species milk! (Kind of grosses me out!)

Hope this helped!!


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Google "adult milk drinkers" and look at the "Central European" links.
I am one of those adult milk drinkers.
I have loved milk all my life. I drink about a gallon a week.
I will be 70 in April. It's a great way to get vitamin D and if he has the adult milk drinker gene I see no reason why he shouldn't be drinking as much as he wants.


Why US Milk is BANNED From All of Europe
On March 18, the New York Times ran an editorial titled “Honest Food Labels.” In this article, Dr. Hamburg publicized letters to about 17 or 18 companies, accusing them of masking undesirable ingredients in their products.

She also emphasized the importance of providing information that consumers can rely on.

“Very, very unfortunately, however, she has totally failed to take any such action with regard to two of our major dietary staples; milk and meat,” says Eptein.

“She has excluded milk and meat from undesirable ingredients, and in so doing, she has created the impression that they are safe.

… About 20 percent of our milk is genetically engineered. Technically this is known as rBGH, the small r stands for recombinant, BGH, is bovine growth hormone… This [milk] contains very high levels of a natural growth factor known as IGF-1…

IGF-1 stands for Insulin-like Growth Factor 1. So growth factor 1 is a natural growth factor and is responsible for normal growth but when you drink rBGH milk, you have very, very high levels of this natural growth factor.

When you drink it, the IGF-1 survives digestion and is readily absorbed from your small intestine, into your blood.

Increased levels of IGF-1 have been shown to increase risks of breast cancer and we have about 20 publications showing this; risk of colon cancer [shown] by about 10 publications; prostate cancer by about another 10 publications.

And a further concern: increased levels of IGF-1 block natural defense mechanisms against early cancers, [mechanisms] known as ‘apoptosis.’”

The scientific evidence of the dangers of rBGH milk is explained in great detail in Dr. Epstein’s book What’s in Your Milk?, published in 2006.

“Based on the concerns which I have just briefly summarized, in 1999, the United Nations Food and Safety Agency, which represents a hundred nations worldwide, ruled unanimously not to set safety standards for rBGH milk, and effectively this has resulted in an international ban on U.S. milk.

So here we have Margaret Hamburg saying she wants to prevent any company from selling food with undesirable ingredients. Yet, American milk is banned worldwide because of its dangers -- because of its high levels of IGF-1 and attendant risks from that.”

It’s even worse than simply ignoring the dangers, because milk producers who are committed to providing healthier milk are not allowed to label it correctly. That’s right, they’re NOT allowed to say it’s “rBGH-free,” without adding a big disclaimer saying there are no known health risks of rBGH…

In an ideal world, agencies like the US FDA would do the proper investigations and protect you from known health dangers, so you don’t have to. But there’s nothing ideal about the current state of affairs, so it’s imperative to do your own research and educate yourself about what toxins are lurking in your foods, drugs, and other consumer products, so that you can make the conscious choice to avoid them.

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lady, you're wrong, i feed my kitten cow milk everyday