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Please help!!!
I am on birth control. This week i accidentally started taking a new pack of active pills, I was SUPPOSED to start my Week 4 "reminder" pills (inactive ones). I just remembered this today, what should I do? Start taking the "reminder" pills today? Could I possibly be pregnant?


You can skip the reminder week altogether and just take the next 21 active pills as normal, you will not have a withdrawal bleed until you get to your next withdrawal week at the end of this second pack.

so it should be:

you just took 21 active pills, then you go straight to the next pack.

so its like having a 42 pill cycle and then 7 days reminders when you finish the next pack.

many women do this on birth control if they want to skip a period. its perfectly healthy and normal, it wont harm you.

In fact, the pill used to have no withdrawal weeks and just continuous pill taking, but women were uncomfortable having no periods so they introduced the withdrawal week.