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On tuesday i had unprotected sex, with the widraw method but i know that it isnt reliable, the next day i took the morning after pill. 5 days later this repeated, but is the drug still in my system so i dont have to take it again or do i? 


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The morning after pill is ONLY ment to emergency contraception for accidents like if the condom breaks, it is not ment to be used as a normal form of contraception!
Im not sure if your aware but taking the morning after to often can seriously damage your body.
In answer to your question your have to consult either a doctor or pharmacist on the Matter in question.

If your likely to be offended please dont read on but this is not aimed specifically at just you!

There are far to many responsible young females out there these days that are having sex with out even thinking about contraception let alone what it will do to there bodies if they keep relying on the morning after pill. I would suggest if you cant plan ahead and carry a condom on lot just in case then you keep your legs closed to put it bluntly!
Do they not teach basic sex education in schools these days.